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Author Topic: Univ of St Thomas - Coach John Tschida's Fastpitch Softball Clinics  (Read 222 times)

Vince Muehe

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Univ of St Thomas - Coach John Tschida's Fastpitch Softball Clinics
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2017--‐2018 UNIVERSITY OF ST. THOMAS Coach John Tschida’s Fastpitch Softball Clinics Pitch, Hit & Catching

See attachment for full information.

[/size]Hitting: 3:00--‐5:00 p.m.
[/size]Pitching Session: 5:30--‐7:30 p.m.
[/size]Catching Session: 5:30--‐7:30 p.m.
[/size]Sunday: November 19
[/size]Sunday: December 3
[/size]Sunday: January 28
[/size]Sunday: February 11
[/size]Sunday: February 18
[/size]You may come to one or all 5 sessions or like many, go to both pitching & hitting or catching & hitting totaling 10 sessions. Each session contains new information as well as a brief review of previously covered material. Missing a session won’t prevent you from being able to attend another session. What will we cover? HITTING & SLAPPING:
Slow motion video analysis of great hitters Lots of drills & instruction for hitting & slapping:
Live hitting,  front toss & tee drills Hitting the Rise, Drop & Change Getting your Timing Down Sports Psychology tips & drillsPITCHING: Grades 7--‐12: Emphasizes: Amazing slow motion video analysis of the various pitches thrown by the games elite! Each pitcher will get state of the art analysis from a radar tool that measures spin speed, ball speed and spin angle! Lots of drills & instruction for: Velocity Improvement Spinning Pitches Mastering command of the zone Sports psychology Bullpen work each day Mechanical faults correction dailyCatchers will be catching the pitchers from our pitchers clinic. You may pair up with your pitcher if she is attending.CATCHING: Grades 7--‐12:Emphasizes: Get quicker on throws to 2B & 3B Improve your throwing accuracy Framing & receiving to help get more strikes Blocking ABC’s Psych of a leader Drills + Bullpens